Founder and Creative Director Dinorah Orta Greer, is a Mexican Interior Designer now based in Switzerland. Dinorah is a graduate of the internationally-renowned CEDIM, a design and innovation focused university based in Monterrey, Mexico.

Throughout her life, Dinorah has held a strong passion for art, photography, fashion and music. Having had the opportunity to live in Mexico, Belgium, London, Germany and Switzerland these experiences have served to provide constant inspiration.

Our Philosophy:

“We believe that in a multi-speed world, many people struggle to find the time to nurture themselves and indulge their need to create the perfect stage for their lives - whether this is their own persona or the environment in which they live or work. We also believe that great design and developing individual style shouldn’t always be expensive or time consuming”.

This Philosophy inspired the founding of Pink Habanero.


All images © Pink Habanero

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